Our history

Misuhuko medical Center was set up for the first time at the end of 1995 as a mobile clinic affiliated to KIBIMBA Hospital; It was initiated by the former Menonnite Central Committe Worker Susan Seitz who was a nurse at KIBIMBA Hospital during the civil war period that went through our country. The local Quakers of Musama Monthly Meeting invested themsleves in building the infastrures to host this clinic. The clinic helped several thounds of people during this critical period of civil war before closing down its doors in 2015 due to the lack of staffing. In 2017 the local Quakers set up a project of reopening this clinic in involving the native intellectuals of the Local Church. This project was supported financially by the Irish Quaker Community to buy the assets of this clinic located in the isolated village of Musama.All this Great work was possibly achieved due to the great advocacy made by the Current FWCC World office Clerk, Simon C. LAMB and a good collaboration with Dr MUGISHA Aimé the director and initiator of this clinic project. Misuhuko Medical Center of Musama is a clinic project owned,administrated and run by Musama Monthly Meeting.

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