Community health


Improving the wellbeing of the community start on understanding their way of life and how health expenses impact their socio-economy situation.  A community where family planning is almost unknown and where parents have children without control of their births. Too much children in family with a different of a short period between one and another child.Women lack the right information and right advice on birth control, pre and postpartum consultation.At MISUHUKO MEDICAL CENTER, we offer a community health service; starting on pre and postpartum control, HIV screening, going to family planning.We offer consultancy to couples and encourage men to accompany their women when they come for consultation or family planning issues.

In addition, we are improving our service by offering immunizations, nutrition program to children and women.We are planning to lunch a newly project of reaching the community in partnership with the iMIF*. The project called OD (Outreach Doctor) will focus on finding people, particularly women, children and old people in their home, farmer and wherever they can be to talk with them about their health, offer them advices, follow up of chronic diseases, NCDs screening and pray with them. (Section OUR PROJECTS)


iMIF: Initiatives in Medical Intervention Fellowship is a newly local Christian organization founded by Hervé-Tistou HITIMANA, Dr. Aimé’s friend. It is an organisation of young doctors that work for quality physical and spiritual healing.

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