Social works and diasbility

Burundi is a densely populated country with a high population growth rate, factors that combined with land scarcity and poverty place a large share of its population at risk of food insecurity. About 90% of the population relies on subsistence agriculture with labors force of 93.6%. (

NYABIHANGA is an isolated area with population living by livestock. The socio-economic situation is worst. Sometime, to find money for health needs, family has to sell a goat or a hen. This let them go again down in poverty in one of poorest country.

Aware of that and as MISUHUKO M. Center is engaged to bring hope and wellbeing in community, we organize families and widows in groups and teach them in a practical way in how they can save and support each other on their health expenses and issues. The groups are based on a way of savings and loans way. This make them not just issue their health but they also share benefits on a certain period (usually six months).

Our clinic is also facillitating a project designed to include persons with disabilities by providing medical care to this type vulnerable members of the community. There is a plan of setting up a kinesiotherapy center within the clinic to give a hand to the disabled that need physical rehabilitation.