The MMC still small in building but the number of health seekers increase day after day. This is due to its geographical localization. Localized in commune of NYABIHANGA with more than a hundred thousand people (more than 60% are young people with a majority of children) wherein there is two physicians working at MMC.The lack of physician and health center in that area made community members walk more than 23 miles (38 km) to find a doctor. Pregnant woman and children are most affected with those conditions.The MMC re-opened doors and represent the hope and the source of wellbeing for women, children, people with disability and the community in general.Dr. We have  fulltime 2 doctors work 24/7 for administration, consultation and management of patients.Our Reception service is combined with the sorting service.People from the community are received in our reception after a morning prayer and medical staff with flexibility, smile and integrity.  The reception team starts collecting personal data of patients and sorting them according to the need, age and service needed.