Gynecology and obstetrics

Pregnant women suffered for years to give birth. They had to walk more than 23 miles (38km) to reach a nearest hospital. The most challenge was to do a pregnant follow-up and a postpartum consultation.Since the MMC reopened doors, women come in numbers. It offers them hope and well-being.We care women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy. We work to reduce disease and death among mothers and babies.We confront mostly with women’s pathologies like infections such as endometriosis, vaginitis, cystitis, sexual violence, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Our most barrier actually is that women can’t find an ultrasound and cases that needs it and c/section has to be transferred in other hospital. The nearest is in 23 miles away. The means of transportation then break their hope.  As we are in isolated area with worse conditions muddy roads , they had to cross the river. In that conditions, we became their own source of hope but we can’t perform ultrasounds or c/section. We are focusing in how we can find an ultrasound and an Operating Room to make better our service of gynecology/obstrics.