Fracture and wound care

Geographically, NYABIHANGA is an isolated area made by hills with worse conditions muddy roads, forest and people live just by farming. An area were there is no water source around.Children walk long distances to find water or go to school.  Just near Misuhuko Medical Center, there is a school, with a worst playing ground and buildings.Children play, work, walk in short they live without knowing what means to wear shoes.The geographical and socio-economical worse conditions affected mostly children (who play and walk long distance to go to school or to fetch water with naked feet and because of chronic osteomyelitis), women (who work hours in farmer within naked feet and walk  long distance to find water) and old people who has pathological fracture.

This make us deal with wounds and fractures. A fracture and wound care room is available. We have some materials but are far of being enough. Even though we are not well equipped to feel that gap in our society, we try our best with a little we have. Some time, we have to transfer just lack of basic materials such as plasters and X Rays Machine.