Surgery room project

November 28, 2021 by Admin

Almost 2 years, Misuhuko Medical Center opened its doors. An average number of a thounsand patients are treated each and every Month made by In and Out patients, Prenatal Consultations, HIV Screening, Pregnant women on Labor. One of our great challenge is unnecesarry transfer for pregnant women that need Cesarian section. The impact that our clinic is making in improving the well being of the community that we are based in has pushed a community engagement in developing the clinic. Early in the beginning of September 2020 under the initiative Of Evangelical Friends Church of Musama ( Monthly Meeting), the Local community raised locally money to cover the building that will host the surgery room made by Sterization room, Post Cesrian section room and room for patients waiting for Cesarian Section. We are happy that all that work will be finished within 2 months. It's so encourging for our staff as we are working day and night for this community and in turn the same community is helping the clinic to have this building done with their efforts.

Help people to get what they want, they will help you to get what you want...

We are experiencing this scenario at this time.

Our Clinic was set up to shorten distances travelled the local people looking for a medical care provided by doctors(between 15 up 20 miles away on foot that would cause preventable deaths). And now as a feedback of saying thank you to the initiators of this project, they are cotributing the little they can to have this surgery room built.

This initiative is pushing the medical staff to do a prompt  fundraising in order to purchase the assets needed to have this surgery room to be operational.

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