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I'm very pleased to share a little bit about the History of our Clinic which is reopened now.

The picture attached to this post is for a certain Susan Seitz an American citizen who set up for the first time the clinic of Musama village in the end of the year of 1995 as a mobile clinic.The clinic helped several thounds of people around Musama village and people coming from miles away  and in different corners of Burundi. At that most of the people that are trying to work hard for the clinic to reopen again were under 10 years Old. The clinic established by Susan( the Menonnite Central Committee woker) in collaboration with the local Quakers( Evangelical Friends Church: Musama Monthly Meeting) helped lots of people with no means to have a good health care for free.

The clinc went on working after Susan depature and it was under the responsability of a nurse called HITIMANA Georgette( the first local nurse). This nurse did an incredible work, she transformed the mobile clinic into an out patient clinic which increased a number of consultation per day. She sucrificed herself for this clinic as she left her home early (at 5 am) for her job and coming back later at night( at 10 pm) without having  even her lunch due to a great number of patients on the queue waiting impantientely her consultency. She was a courgeous lady and this community meant lot for her; i couldn't imagine how she could consult more than a hundred of patients a day. What was priority for her was the well being of the patients. Every evening she came back with 5 up to 10 patients waiting for the next consultation. In 1999 this friendly  nurse passed away, the clinic lost one of the great workers. The clinic was a satelitte of Kibimba Hospital at the moment and a big challenge was to find another strong staff for the clinic as it was located in remote area. Finally the clinic was closed in 2015 due to the lack of staffing and the Hope of this community died. Since then more than 72,000 people have to walk miles away to search for medical care. In 2017 Dr MUGISHA Aimé supported by the local Quakers from MUSAMA Monthly Meeting had initiated a programm of reopening this clinic. We are grateful to the advocacy made by the current Clerk of FWCC World office, Simon C. LAMB among Irish Quakers and other Quaker communities around the globe that came up with a financial support to purchase the assests of this Clinic.


We are happy that the clinic is opened  as we have received the provisional approved from the Public Health Ministry for the clinic to be operational. May God bless Simon C. LAMB, Irish Quakers and Every helping hand around the Globe especially from North Ireland and Bolivia in South Americian. Our thanks go straight to the Local Quaker Community of Musama for their Committement and support to this initiative without forgeting the facilities arranged by the current Legal Representative of Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi Pastor Aloys Ningabira. I couldn't end this post without recognizing the effort made by Dr Elisée Nahimana, the Director of Kibimba Hospital for his Support and orientation for the approval process to be successful. 




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