Misuhuko Medical Center

About MMC

Our mission

To inspire hope, to contribute to health and well-being of the community by providing the best care through integrated clinical pratice and Compassion.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide an unparalleled experience as most trusted partner for health care in our community.

Our values

I CARE for Health of the Society

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Accessibility
  • Respect
  • Emphaty
  • Humility
  • Simplicity

Our purpose

Our main purpose is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country through improving the health of our Community.

Our objectives

  • Establish a vocational training center for health
  • To promote and facilitate the coordination of health actions in the environment surrounding our medical center
  • Sensitize church leaders on the urgent need to consider health promotion as an important aspect of Christian witness and encourage them to become involved
  • Contribute to the improvement of the health coverage of the country and the quality of care in collaboration with the administrative authorities and any competent structure in the matter
  • Contribute to the continuous training of staff through: studies, courses, seminars, congresses, clinical trials, documentation and other means.
  • Promote solidarity actions that promoting health
  • Promote health education actions including information, public awareness and other forms of educational action
  • Establish a culture of team spirit and mutual support within the Misuhuko Medical Center
  • Ensure health consultations / advice for any related request made on an individual basis or by state or non-state structures
  • Improve the wellbeing of our community by :
    • 1) Providing the quality and nearest health management
    • 2) Involving community members to be aware on their health state and be involved in prevention of diseases.

Our slogan

Gira ivyizigiro no kubaho neza

Target groups

We aim to treat all population and our work is emphasized on these target groups :

  • Pregnant women
  • Children under 5 years old
  • People living with HIV
  • People living with Chronicle deases
  • Young people that need sexual education
  • Aging people
  • People living with disability

Our history

Misuhuko medical Center was set up for the first time at the end of 1995 as a mobile clinic affiliated to KIBIMBA Hospital; It was initiated by the former Menonnite Central Committe Worker Susan Seitz who was a nurse at KIBIMBA Hospital during the civil war period that went through our country. The local Quakers of Musama Monthly Meeting invested themsleves in building the infastrures to host this clinic. The clinic helped several thounds of people during this critical period of civil war before closing down its doors in 2015 due to the lack of staffing. In 2017 the local Quakers set up a project of reopening this clinic in involving the native intellectuals of the Local Church. This project was supported financially by the Irish Quaker Community to buy the assets of this clinic located in the isolated village of Musama.All this Great work was possibly achieved due to the great advocacy made by the Current FWCC World office Clerk, Simon C. LAMB and a good collaboration with Dr MUGISHA Aimé the director and initiator of this clinic project. Misuhuko Medical Center of Musama is a clinic project owned,administrated and run by Musama Monthly Meeting.